We want to demonstrate how great design improves the world, drives innovation and changes lives. The best way to do that is by working with a broad spectrum of like-minded people and organisations.

Our network of partnerships encompasses the public, private and third sectors, from our home in the UK and right around the world.

Through this network, we help connect business leaders, national and local policy makers, thought leaders, social impact organisations and design professionals, to deliver real change through design. In this way, our partnerships give us both focus for our work, and a platform to extend the impact of design-led solutions.


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Fund a Design Challenge

Design Challenges are open innovation competitions, developing practical solutions to social problems. They’re used and funded by charities, trusts and foundations, government bodies and corporations.

Using our Design Challenges process, we help these partners address complex social issues and stimulate opportunities for enterprise through design. Issues vary from designing out aggression in A&E departments and combatting the spread of hospital superbugs to developing an unbreakable drinking glass.

Funding a Design Challenge allows you to grow, develop and embed radical new ideas, efficiently and cost effectively, as well as evaluating them and measuring their impact.

Learn more about our Design Challenges programme.

Support our research

Our campaigning work is underpinned by a research programme that investigates the latest trends in, and impact of, design. We often pursue research projects with partners who share our desire to understand a particular issue around how design relates to business or public policy.

These partnerships can be in the form of funding, as with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), or through sharing resources to explore emerging trends – as with Warwick Business School and our Leading Business by Design report. To find out how our research programme could support your strategy, please get in touch.

Back a campaign

As a campaigning charity, we spread the word about the many ways design can transform lives. This is only possible with the continued support of partners who share our goals, and for whom campaigning can be a fresh way to talk about the transformative role of design in society and life.

Our campaigns span a wide set of social issues, from improving public services and communities to stimulating economic growth and rethinking approaches to obesity and the ageing population.

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