A ten step guide to running a design workshop in primary schools


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Inside you will find

  • A ten step guide for Design and Technology teachers in how best to run a design workshop in primary schools
  • Examples of practical exercises that can be done with students to teach them about various aspects of design
  • Ways in which you can relate the design skills your students learn to other subjects and areas of the curriculum 

This will interest

  • Design and Technology teachers at primary school level

This ‘How to’ guide for design and technology primary school teachers takes you through ten easy steps to running a design workshop, including advice on what materials you will need, how to push your students to think bigger and better and how you can tailor workshops to fit the time you have to spare.

The workshop format will get students researching problems in their local community and the wider world before taking these findings back to the classroom.

You will then be able to help direct them in progressing their design skills, including generating, developing, modelling and communicating ideas to each other and people with design needs.


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