A&E Design Challenge publication


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Inside you will find

  • A comprehensive overview of the Reducing violence & aggression in A&E: Through a better experience Design Challenge
  • Ethnographic research insights, including perpetrator profiles and triggers of violence and aggression
  • The three design solutions
  • Ten key lessons for those seeking to improve staff safety in A&E

This will interest

  • NHS managers, directors, chief executives and senior clinicians, nurses and A&E matrons
  • Designers and architects seeking to improve hospital environments

Recognising the significant human and financial costs of violence and aggression towards A&E staff, the Department of Health partnered with the Design Council to explore how design could be used to alleviate tensions in A&E departments.

The Reducing violence and aggression in A&E: Through a better experience Design Challenge sought to improve both the patient and staff experience, thereby helping to reduce triggers of violence and aggression.