Living Well with Dementia Design Challenge research report


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Inside you will find

  • Key information about dementia in the UK, including its prevalence, costs, and the ways it affects individuals and communities
  • A look at how the current system of dementia care works and 
    some of the its problems
  • A description of what living with dementia is like, both for the individual and those looking after them
  • Barriers to living well with dementia and suggestion areas that could be improved
  • Examples of good practice and relevant innovations in
    other areas

This will interest

  • Anyone interested in our Living Well with Dementia Design Challenge
  • Designers and entrepreneurs interested in creating products and services for people living with dementia
  • Charities and social enterprises working with people living with dementia

This research report was produced as part of Design Council's Living Well with Dementia Design Challenge.

This document was written to inform and inspire those interested in the Design Challenge, it doesn't provide exhaustive coverage of the topic, but it should get you thinking and will help you understand the key issues with dementia.

This report was independently commissioned by the Design Council from Chris Cox and Ruth Flood. Views and opinions expressed are those of the researchers or the original source and are not those of the Design Council.

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