Not so long ago I thought design was simply about how something looked, now I see how it can have an effect on every aspect of a business.

Judith Stracey, Chairman, White Logistics

What we offer

Over the years we have helped thousands of UK businesses innovate and grow. While every business has its own context and challenges, we understand the types of problems and opportunities businesses of different sizes face, and customise our support to meet these needs.

We've worked with large corporate businesses to improve the quality and efficiency of their supply chains, helped medium-sized businesses develop export strategies, and coached small businesses through branding and new product development projects.

In every instance we increase the capability of the businesses we work with to use and manage design effectively and profitably. 


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We customise our design coaching programmes to suit your needs.

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How it works

We adjust how we work with you according to your circumstances, but in general, we can offer combinations of the following:

Masterclass teaching

We can run one-off workshops to introduce you and your team to design thinking principles, methods and processes. These workshops can be scaled according to your needs but typically range from a half day to a full day. They are usually run by one of our expert Design Associates at your premises.

Hands-on coaching

Over period of time, usually a few weeks, one of our Design Associates works with you on a specific business challenge. The DA will help you identify the appropriate design approach to address the problem, and then work through it with you. The outcome is often one, or a set of, specific projects. The DA can then help you identify and manage the implementation of these projects, such as identifying the best design agency or supplier to deliver the work.

Skills training

We work with you over the course of a few weeks to train selected staff in the use of design thinking principles, methods and processes. The outcome is that these individuals can then help embed design skills across the wider organisation.


Pricing varies depending on the scope and duration of the support you require.


We recruit leading industry experts to be our Design Associates. They are all highly experienced design management specialists who have worked with some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world such as Philips, Electrolux, Dyson, British Airways and Virgin.

They combine their specialist expertise with Design Council's unique coaching frameworks and methods to offer you world-class, independent advice.

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