Gavin is an award-winning industrial product designer with 27 years of consultancy experience. He worked for ten years alongside Sir Kenneth Grange at Pentagram Design and seven years as equal partner and Creative Director of Factory Design before setting up Gavin Thomson Design in 2005.

Gavin has worked across a broad spectrum of clients and brands from international clients to entrepreneurs, across product, packaging, transport and retail with notable clients including: Airbus Industries, Boots, British Airways, Clarks Shoes, Ford, ICI, Montblanc, Philip Morris, Samsung, Tannoy, Virgin Atlantic, Wilkinson Sword and Yamaha.

He set up Bicygnals Limited in 2005 to design, develop, manufacture and market a range of bicycle safety accessories and has also developed and licensed a number of his own designs.

Gavin has been involved with the Design Council since 2004 where his clients include University College of London, Corrigo Chairs, 6X Innovation, Powerday and Wallace Sacks.

Gavin is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of Chartered Society of Designers, D&AD and BDI and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art. He has won awards from Wall Street Design Technology, Design Business Association and DBA/Helen Hamlyn, and he has also been shortlisted for Design Week and D&AD awards.