Ian’s 25 year career as an innovation coach, design consultant, and product development specialist spans a variety of sectors and organisations including start-ups, SMEs, global corporates and universities and demonstrate an approach that integrates strategic market focus, an understanding of customer and user needs, and design methods to identify new value to create offers that are desirable, usable and commercially viable.

An award-winning product designer and corporate design manager, Ian has helped create commercially successful products and services in industries spanning consumer housewares, automotive and telecoms through to bio-materials, med-tech and digital services. Clients have included business such as Samsonite, Tupperware, WL Gore, Raychem, Tata, Orange and Motorola.

Ian’s work with the Design Council involves coaching SME clients in the use of strategically focused design, helping them realise growth by initiating a variety of design projects. He has also worked extensively with technology commercialisation groups in a number of universities including Oxford, London, Aberdeen, Bristol, Leeds, Bradford, East Anglia, and Coventry. 

Ian has international experience as a visiting lecturer. Most recently he was Innovation Director of Brunel University’s Co-Innovate programme, a design-led innovation support initiative that connected London-based SMEs with the wide variety of academic expertise and resources within Brunel University.