Laura is an award-winning artist, designer and business person. She has spent 20 years in the creative industries working across Art, Design, Innovation, Business, Futures and Technology: helping clients to future-proof their businesses.   

She’s won creative entrepreneurship awards from NESTA [National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts], the British Council, and more recently, an art award through Throughout her career she’s delivered over 80 projects across four continents: working in a range of sectors and industries, from footwear to funerals to financial services. She’s built capability within many of her clients organisations, including: Wellcome Collection, Wellcome Trust, NESTA, the British Council, Sony, Adidas, UK Refugee Council, UK Science Festival Network, to name a few. 

Laura has founded 2 businesses, including the first Service Design Consultancy in the North of England. She has a first-class honours degree in Design for Industry and is currently studying a BA in Fine Art. Her artworks are in homes and businesses across the world. Her art is increasingly participatory and uses art as a research process. She uses digital and non-digital mediums including sculpture, painting and drawing, projection, audio, film and animation.   Laura leads and works with multidisciplinary teams, including artists, scientists, designers, psychologists, data scientists and commercial directors, amongst others. Her diverse background means she understands the wider creative and contextual factors influencing artists, designers and business people across the cultural sector.