For the last 10 years, Pamela has been a design and innovation management consultant to SMEs and public sector organisations.

At the start of her career Pamela practiced as a commercial interior designer for 15 years, managing large and small projects, from total refits to ‘new build’ and retail rebranding projects. Primary business sectors included retail, hospitality, office and healthcare. She was a co-founder of Frazer Designers, which specialises in designing electronic and plastic products for businesses of various sizes from start-ups to multinational companies such as Sky, Philips and Stanley Security.

Pamela has worked across a broad range of sectors, including both product and service organisations, such as food and hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, IT and the creative industries.

Pamela’s Design Council clients include a number of speciality and ethnic food businesses such as Ming Foods and Paul Wayne Gregory, businesses in hospitality and IT sectors as well as social enterprise organisations such as Red Ochre. 

As well as having independent and Design Council clients, she also works as a business mentor with the Prince’s Trust, helping young start-up businesses to develop.