Rowena spent 10 years as Design Director of a product design company before setting up her own freelance consultancy. She continues to work largely with SMEs on brand and product development.

Rowena has worked with both large, multi-national companies and smaller UK-based firms, including DuPont, Hotpoint and Bosch Siemens, in a wide variety of product and business areas. She has provided companies with in-house training for their marketing and sales teams, running workshops and seminars on product, branding and communications.

In her Design Associate role Rowena has worked across a number of programmes including the SME coaching programme and with start-ups, working with many different businesses.

Rowena has also been a member of design judging panels at the Royal Society of Arts and has lectured to retail, press and manufacturing groups on areas such as design practice and the use of design as a sales tool. She has worked as a freelance exhibition curator and is also a printmaker and photographer. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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