I am Future Programmes Director at the Design Council, leading the organisation’s development of new products and services, as well as building the teams that take these new concepts through prototyping, pilot and launch. My work involves working with the Design Council’s unique portfolio of design methods and its growing international network of associates. Some of the latest programmes I’m leading on cover supply chains, exports, the creative industries, science and the public sector.

Prior to this, I was responsible for developing and delivering the Design Council’s design support services - leading a UK wide strategy to influence the use of design by leaders and management teams in the private and public sector. These support services today comprise design training and coaching programmes for business, science and public services.

My background is in design. Before joining the Design Council, I worked for a range of design businesses, from fashion to brand and communications, leading sales and operational teams at organisations including the British Museum, where I co-ordinated the Great Court Architectural Scheme.

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