With a background in physics, engineering and accountancy, Chris has spent 25 years working in design and innovation consulting.  

He was Chief Operator Officer of Fitch plc working in the US and UK and MD of PSD Associates Ltd before founding Viadynamics in 1998.  

Viadynamics advises businesses on how to make innovation happen – from strategy to action including innovation capability building.  Chris has led assignments for global corporations (like Abbott, AXA, Pepsico, SABMiller and Unilever), start-ups (Snap Fashion, Sugru and RDVS), and for universities (Cambridge, Kent, Warwick and York).

Chris was a member of the Design Council’s Research Advisory Board, a Director of the Design Business Association and is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University.  Chris is passionate about the role of design thinking in solving fuzzy problems.