John has recently taken on the role of Acting Vice-Chancellor at Coventry University. 

Previously, in his various roles at Coventry University and related to its work in design related areas, he has personally developed highly successful support and grant programmes in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation at regional and national levels.

He is also responsible for the development of the award winning Coventry University Technology Park. Under his direction the Technology Park has incubated and successfully supported several hundred companies of all types since its inception in 1996. The park is the home of the Institute for Applied Entrepreneurship, the Design Institute and the Institute of Creative Enterprise.

Currently John is leading a development programme to grow social enterprises for the university and the local region.  This includes the creation of a social enterprise community interest company with a remit to provide support services and guidance to other social enterprises. His current university role includes responsibility for their enterprise fund and their relationship to external venture capital and angel funds.