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Anthony Thistleton-Smith

Since 2009, when the practice completed Murray Grove/Stadthaus, a nine storey apartment block, which was the first use of CLT in a building of this height, Anthony has pioneered the adoption of this material as a viable, sustainable alternative to energy intensive materials such as concrete and steel. As a result of which CLT is now in wide use across a range of building types and scales.

Anthony is a passionate advocate of developing off-site, DfMA solutions to solve systemic problems in building delivery. Improving construction outcomes through the greater collaboration between building designers and manufacturers, creating high quality, long lasting buildings that are fit to use.

With his broad expertise, garnered through working for over a decade in the development of engineered timber, along with a number of research projects in which the practice is involved, Anthony lectures extensively on the use and future of engineered timber and modular solutions and collaborates on projects across the world. Through an international network of CLT and timber producers, Anthony is linked to the entire engineered timber supply chain from foresters to producers and end users He is a board member of TRADA and a member of the Forest Economy Coalition.

Anthony Thistleton-Smith