Organisations around the world are recognising the potential of design to solve issues.

Our design training and education makes cutting-edge design-led thinking and approaches available to organisations and institutions of all sizes and budgets. Through this work we help to drive innovation, transformation and growth across the country.

What we deliver

We’ve worked with academic institutions to help them commercialise their research and bring innovative products to market. We also train undergraduates through our Design Academy programme, helping them develop the creative and problem-solving skills that will help them thrive in the workplaces of the future.

Our Design in the Public Sector programme teaches people working in public services how to apply design processes and methods to tackle public health challenges in their areas.

Through Design for Europe, we’re leading a consortium of 14 organisations to raise awareness about the value of design and its power to drive innovation across the continent.

We also create bespoke design support programmes for businesses. Evaluation of our past work with SMEs showed that for every £1 businesses in our programmes spent on design, they gained back over £4 in net operating profit, over £20 in net turnover and over £5 in net exports. Get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation develop its design capabilities.

Our Design support programmes