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George Stowell

Projects include; HM Treasury, Whitehall; Crossrail linewide stations; The Sage, Gateshead, Waterloo International Terminal, London. In total, I’ve been core contributor for 12 world class major and mega built projects in England. Building sector specialisms include; heritage and urban infrastructure, sports and culture.

I’ve been director of my own architectural and client adviser practice since 2005 and have received design awards for excellence in the build environment for users. Since 2013, the senior advisory role I hold on Crossrail, involves setting and implementing station design requirements and advising on acceptance of Handover assurance.

I lead a large consultant group of 61colleagues in eight specialist teams. The group advises Crossrail client technical authority through original research, technical development, sustainability, safety and security experts, BIM/CAD, prototyping and testing. Work has been peer review published in leading journals and in UK professional domains. Disciplines include architecture, lighting, art, products, MEP, HV traction, security, safety and structures, where at all times: ‘Design is a tool for humanising building for planned intended outcomes that are valued the most’.‘

George Stowell