Essential Principles Guide for Built Environment Professionals on creating an accessible and inclusive environment

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The Construction Industry Council has adopted the six principles suggested by the Office for Disability Issues in the Built Environment Professional Education Project Report of Progress1 published in March 2016. This report recommends that all built environment professionals, institutions and related bodies adopt and subscribe to these essential principles for achieving an inclusive environment.

Access to Hotels for People with Hearing Loss

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Access to Hotels for People with Hearing Loss is a 40 page illustrated document is available to download free of charge. From the essentials of fire safety to the need for TV captions so guests can relax in their rooms, the guide offers a comprehensive list of considerations and solutions for accommodating people with hearing loss inclusively.

Inclusive Design Awards Judging Guidance

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This guidance aims to assist organisations when judging schemes nominated for awards, in terms of their success in creating an inclusive environment which provides suitable solutions for as many people as possible and it has been produced by the Access Association. The guidance sets out the general principals of inclusive design which schemes should be expected to satisfy.

Living in the Community Housing Design for Adults with Autism

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This study explored how design could improve living environments for adults with autism, supporting their specific needs and resulting in a better quality of life. Key findings are published for wide readership with particular focus on housing providers, architects and designers involved in the design, refurbishment and development of residential accommodation for adults with autism.

Green Spaces Outdoor Environments for Adults with Autism

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This publication describes how design can create beneficial green spaces for adults with autism to enjoy being out in the garden, while at the same time anticipating and managing the inevitable challenges of the unpredictable outdoors. It looks in particular at leisure, occupation and exercise activities, offering design guidance on how to create green spaces that will enrich individual lives.

Recent trends in life expectancy at older ages: February 2016

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A summary of recent trends in life expectancy among those aged 65 and over in England. The link gives you access to three publications:
1. Recent trends in life expectancy at older ages: February 2016
2. Recent trends in life expectancy at older ages: February 2015
3. Recent trends in life expectancy at older ages: supporting data.

Global Disability Inovation Hub

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The Global Disability Innovation Hub is a collaborative organisation, born out of the legacy of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The hub’s aim is to change the way we think about disability through co-design, collaboration, and innovation, by creating a dedicated research, teaching and practice centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London with an engaged and active online community.

Applying inclusive design principles to eco-town development: eco-towns inclusive design worksheet

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The Eco-town worksheets were developed to complement the Eco-towns initiative launched by Government in 2007 and are a useful source of information for creating high quality, inclusive and sustainable new communities. The worksheets aim to ensure that the unique opportunities presented by building an eco-town are captured and exploited in the interests of sustainable development.

Design for accessibility

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This guide highlights the relevant legislation, building regulations and planning guidance which impact on design for accessbility. Specific building types and sources of further information are also included.