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Purpose, Vision & Values

To make life better by design 

Our purpose helps individuals, communities, businesses, the economy and, critically, the planet achieve this.

Our purpose is our why.

It’s why the Design Council exists.

It’s why we champion design to be better understood, better used and better valued.

It inspires our colleagues to get up and come to work each day.

A regenerative world for all

Our vision is for a world where design works as a force that restores, renews and revitalises. Regenerative in every sense, for people, planet and economic health.

Sustainability will no longer be enough if we are to rebalance and live in harmony with Earth’s finite resources.

Design is at the heart of the transformation we need to make. Systemic and system shifting. Design for Planet is our first step towards this vision.


Our values are the principles that guide us as and will help us achieve our purpose, mission and vision.

  • Powerful together

Our belief that collaboration, inclusivity and diversity lead to greater impact.

  • Boundless curiosity 

Our spirit of inquiry, questioning and expanding our knowledge.

  • Inspire possibility

Our drive to envision, instigate and catalyse positive change.