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Design for Planet Fellows

The Design for Planet Fellowship, made possible thanks to National Lottery funding, brings together nine experts from different disciplines who are working at the cutting edge of sustainability and regenerative design.

Each Fellow has been selected for their track record in making multi-disciplinary, cross-sector and community connections, spotting emerging opportunities to make change.

The Fellows will spend seven months prototyping new ways of working, building knowledge and creating recommendations to inform climate & biodiversity action, and shining a light on the important role design plays in connecting people together from across disciplines and communities. Themes including designing adaptive and resilient places, conserving and restoring natural resources and systems, and making it easy and attractive to live regeneratively will be explored

We will publish monthly findings and recommendations from monthly sessions with the Fellows and a report will be released in September 2022 to weave together insights from the workshops and provide practical guidance and references for those working in climate action and design in the UK.