Design and Access Statements: How to write, read and use them


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Inside you will find

  • An explanation of Design and Access statements 
  • Advice in writing statements, including good examples
  • A guide stating what to include when writing statements for local authority planners and councillors 

This will interest

  • Town planners
  • Transport planners
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Local authorities

In May 2006, the government introduced changes to the planning applications process. The circular 'Guidance on Changes to the Development Control System', effective from 10 August 2006, set out the formal requirements.

This Design and Access Statements guide explains how the changes can help in creating high-quality places that are easy for everyone to use. It also shows how the process of making a planning application encourages everyone to think about how inclusive, practical and attractive a place will be once it is built.


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