Design methods for developing services


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Inside you will find

  • The fundamentals of service design
  • An explanation of the Double Diamond design process and how it is used in service design
  • What to expect when working with a designer
  • Tools and methods that service designers use in the creative process

This will interest

  • Those who are new to service design and interested in learning more
  • Designers who would like to explain common service design methods to others

This is a brief introduction to why design methods can be useful when developing services.

Service design is all about making services usable, easy and desirable. To design a great service, it's important to have service users in mind: are they staff, suppliers or customers? Using design tools and methods can deliver an in-depth understanding of user behaviours, their likes and their needs, which can enable new solutions to be developed. 

This guide was developed to inform two design challenges – Independence Matters and Keeping Connected – which aimed to create services enhancing independent living and quality of life for older adults.