Design Out Crime: Schools


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Inside you will find

  • Information and statistics on school violence in the UK
  • Details about the project and its findings
  • Nine challenges for designers about how young people's crime concerns might be addressed

This will interest

  • Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Policy makers
  • Decision makers in education
  • Government and community workers

This guide stems from the Schools Project, which explored young people's crime concerns and how they might be resolved through design.

The project gave youth a voice, established communication routes with policy makers and provided insights that can help develop briefs for designers. We believe this guide will help designers, manufacturers and policy makers to better understand the scale and effects of crime affecting youth and encourage more design commissions in tackling it.

The Schools Project was part of Design Out Crime, a 2008–10 initiative from the Home Office’s Design and Technology Alliance against Crime and the Design Council.

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