Designing Out Crime: A Designers' Guide


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Inside you will find

  • Statistics about crime in the UK
  • Tools to help designers think about how crime happens
  • Case studies, examples and sample briefs
  • Design tactics and strategies 

This will interest

  • Design practitioners, clients, educators and students of all disciplines

This resource has been created to help creative professionals understand more about how design can be used to combat crime.

It is a practical guide about how the design of products, services and communications can help prevent crimes from occurring, lessen their impact, recover stolen items or apprehend offenders. Through a series of tools, models and methodologies, it will help designers of all disciplines find out more about understanding users and abusers, think creatively about solutions to the social challenges that crime presents and apply foresight when considering how the products and services they create will be used and misused.

This guide was a result of Design Out Crime, a 2008–10 initiative from the Home Office’s Design and Technology Alliance against Crime and the Design Council.

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