New from old


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Inside you will find

  • Introduction 
  • What refurbishment consists of
  • Explanation of who needs to be involved in the process
  • Checklists 
  • Conclusion

This will interest

  • Local authority education teams
  • Designers
  • Heritage champions
  • Local planning authorities

Explaining how to realise the potential of your buildings and give them – and your school – a new lease of life.

Why do so many people assume that new schools will be superior to refurbished ones? It’s a surprising assumption when you consider the many excellent examples of buildings that are all the richer for having been built and then changed – perhaps a better term is transformed – intelligently and with all the care and attention that would be lavished on a new building.

With our increasing awareness of the urgent need to shift towards renewable resources, it is an obvious waste to discard structures just because they are old.