The power to transform


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Inside you will find

  • Information about the role of design
  • Case study about James Heal, a business we've helped to grow
  • Case studies about how design can transform public services
  • Community improvement through design
  • How we've driven innovation through design
  • A section on designing for the future
  • How Design Council work

This will interest

  • Businesses
  • Local authorities and public sector professionals
  • Community planners
  • Designers
  • Researchers

In this guide we share some projects and show the positive impact design can have – on our economy, people and our environment. Our work supports businesses of all sizes, central and local government, academics, local communities, entrepreneurs, designers and public bodies and more.

Through our work, we show how design helps meet tomorrow’s challenges and improves everyday life.

We do this through our long term aims to:

  • enable people to use design to transform communities, business and the environment for the better
  • stimulate innovation in business and public services, improving our built environment and tackling complex social issues
  • inspire new design thinking, encourage public debate and inform policy to improve everyday life and help meet tomorrow's challenges today.