Wouldn't it be great if...


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Inside you will find

Sections on living sustainably through:

  • Vital signs - sustainability and Our Planet Tonight
  • Movement - transport and tourism
  • Energy - alternative forms of energy
  • Schools - an Eco Design Challenge
  • Health - Alzheimer's and sexual health
  • Food - urban farming 
  • Other projects

This will interest

  • Sustainable designers
  • Design agencies
  • Other designers
  • General public

Wouldn't it be great if...we could live sustainably – by design?

Dott 07 (Designs of the time 2007), a year of community projects, events and exhibitions based in North East England, explored what life in a sustainable region could be like – and how design can help us get there.

This Dott Manual looks at how lessons learnt during Dott 07 can help us live better lives.