Community green: using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health


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Inside you will find

  • A background to the study and the reasons for its importance.
  • A review of existing research.
  • Our survey about green space, ethnicity and health in six communities. 
  • Details of methodologies used. 
  • Our key findings and conclusion.

This will interest

  • Policy makers
  • Local government workers
  • Those working in social housing, community and the voluntary sector

Community green: Using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health investigates the relationship between urban green space, inequality, ethnicity, health and wellbeing.

The largest study of its kind in England, it examines the impact of the quality of local green spaces on the health and wellbeing of people living in six deprived and ethnically diverse urban areas. Community green is the second of two pieces of research by CABE on why green space matters for health and wellbeing. The first – Urban green nation: Building the evidence base – is available here.


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