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Inside you will find

  • Design Council’s key achievements over the last year and last 15 years
  • Evidence-based research on the value of design
  • Statistics and stories on design on business innovation, places and public services
  • The problems we have been solving, our actions and our learnings 

This will interest

  • Local and central government
  • Business leaders
  • Built environment professionals
  • Academics, economists, statisticians, and researchers
  • Designers 

Making life better by design tells the story of Design Council’s impact. It shows how design has contributed to three major areas of the economy – business innovation, public services and places. This document also explains how Design Council has helped to clarify what design is and to champion its use, inspiring and enabling people across the world to embed design in their work. 

Download the full report of each individual chapter below:

Chapter 1: Communicating the value of design

Chapter 2: Supporting businesses to innovate, be more productive and resilient

Chapter 3: Pioneering the use of design in public

Chapter 4: Supporting the design of better places


  • Authors: Sabina Dewfield, Siân Whyte 
  • Art Direction: Calum Spence 
  • Graphic Design: Celina Carlisle 

This report brings together key findings from our research and evaluation practice over the past 15 years. We thank our past colleagues and external research partners for their contribution to this work.