Design for innovation - facts, figures and practical plans for growth


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Inside you will find

  • A framework for how design-led innovation can work for businesses and institutions  
  • Business case studies including Burberry and Sugru
  • An overview of the strengths of the UK design industry
  • Economic evidence on the role of design 

This will interest

  • Individual businesses
  • Institutions
  • Designers

This report, published to coincide with the government’s 2011 Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth, sets out our facts, figures and plans for growth of the UK design industry.

The purpose of this report is to bring the design elements of the Innovation and Research Strategy together in one place and to communicate these as widely as possible across design, industry, government and education. Our aim is to provide a useful strategic framework for organisations, institutions and individual businesses with an interest in making design-led innovation happen on the ground.