The value of good design


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Inside you will find

  • Insight about how well-designed buildings and spaces positively impact productivity, opportunity and quality of life.
  • Examples of how good design has had a positive impact in the specific areas of healthcare, education, housing, civic and cultural activity, business and crime prevention.

This will interest

  • Architects and planners
  • Elected officials
  • Business leaders
  • Professionals in healthcare, education and culture

This short document has a very simple aim. It draws together key research from the UK and abroad to show that investment in good design generates economic and social value.

A well-designed hospital will help patients get better more quickly, a well-designed school will improve the educational achievements of its pupils, a well-designed department store will have a direct impact on stock turnover and a well-designed neighbourhood will benefit from lower crime and higher house values. Good design is not just about the aesthetic improvement of our environment – it is as much about improved quality of life, equality of opportunity and economic growth. 


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