The quality of the built environment around us has a significant impact on our lives. It can transform people’s quality of life, stimulate the economy and enhance the environment. Good design plays a vital role in creating better places that enrich the local community.

However, the complexity of development projects and the variety of stakeholders involved can make it challenging to realise this potential and create places that work for everyone.


What we deliver

Design Council has been delivering independent and expert design consultation to professionals in the built environment for decades, supporting them to overcome these challenges.

During that time, we’ve built up the world-class expertise, local knowledge and a specialist network of built environment experts to help clients, achieve their objectives, drive growth and create more sustainable, equitable development here in the UK and overseas.

Our Built Environment services

Design Review

Expert and impartial reviews to evaluate the design quality of built environment projects.

Inclusive Environments

The Inclusive Environments programme at Design Council aims to raise awareness about the importance of designing places that meet the needs of the diversity of people who want to use them.

Our Projects

We have worked on hundreds of major projects in the UK to drive up the quality of the built environment. Recent work with Government and other key partners includes:

  • Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission: We are committed to the Building Beautiful initiative through supporting their workshops and responding to the call for evidence
  • MHCLG Design Guide: We produced this guide with Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design. We believe that quality design must be prioritised by built environment professionals and should run through the entire planning and development process.
  • Future Homes Standard consultation: We are developing this kind of work for Sovereign Housing. Download our report on Purposeful Design for Homes and Communities.

  • New initiatives to protect heritage buildings: Our work with Network Rail and High Street Task Force.
  • Supporting re-use of existing buildings: Our work with Clarion Housing and on estate regeneration.  
  • Supporting Modern Methods of Construction: Our work with Homes England and on the government's current Home of 2030 initiative. 

Our experts

Whether you require support on a long-term project or need quick access to expert advice, we can put together the ideal team to meet your specific needs.

Our skilled, professional team works with our nationwide, cross-sector network of built environment experts to offer support to government, local authorities, infrastructure organisations, developers, design teams and communities. You can find the profiles of a selection of our built environment experts below. For more information about our network, download our full guide here.

If you would like information about our access to expertise in a specific field, contact us on DC.ABE@designcouncil.org.uk

Want to partner with us?

We have a number of ways where we work in partnership with charities, governments and corporations.  To find out more please get in touch.