Public sector organisations, charities and foundations around the world are recognising the potential of design to solve social and environmental challenges. Problems are complex, require more than one answer and organisations need to work together with citizens to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Design can help you to, diagnose problems, evaluate the opportunities and find creative solutions for your organisation’s challenges, together with people and partners.

Our staff and network of experts know how to support private sector, public bodies, local government, third sector and international clients to respond to these challenges, while simultaneously developing and nurturing the design skills and capabilities of their people.

Our design and innovation programmes work is underpinned by our Framework for Innovation to make cutting-edge design thinking approaches available to organisations and institutions of all sizes and budgets.

Over the years we have helped thousands of UK organisations to develop and deliver tangible, people-centred programmes that improve serves and support innovation.  We have:

  • Supported over 100 public sector organisations to use design to transform their services to better meet the needs of all sections of society
  • Supported over 5,000 SMEs accross the UK to realise a £4 increase in net operating profit for everyone £1 invested in design
  • Helped more than 30 major universities – including Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Imperial College London and Bristol – to capitalise on their research base and take projects to market.

Further benefits of our programmes include:

  • Design skills are embedded within the team, supporting future in-house innovation
  • Supports culture change to become more agile and inclusive
  • Projects and processes are aligned with the needs of users
  • Performance improvements come from uncovering user insights
  • Risk is limited by testing and prototyping, before major expenditure
  • Bottom line enhanced by uncovering new business models and efficiency savings

It is through this work that we continue that unlock innovation, transform services, deliver growth and navigate change across the country.

What we deliver

We run a range of programmes to help organisations redesign their services to benefit the wider community. And we create the conditions for these organisations to flourish into the future. We have regular programmes of work we deliver which you may be eligible for and we create bespoke programmes for a range of organisations that meet their needs.

Our services

Our Design in the Public Sector programme enables people working in the public sector to apply design processes and methods to tackle key service challenges, while developing the design skills of those participating.

We train undergraduates through our Design Academy programme, helping them develop the creative and problem-solving skills that will help them thrive in the workplaces of the future.

We run large challenge programmes with partners, bringing together designers from different disciplines. In the past, we have worked on Design Bugs Out, Design Against Crime and the Knee High Challenge. Currently we are running Transform Ageing in the South West. We are always on the look out for the next big challenge.

In addition to our regular programmes we also offer a bespoke service for a range of clients: whether you’re looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your supply chain; need advice on the best way to bring a product to market or want to deliver new services or enhance an existing service.

Our experts

Highly experienced, independent design management specialists deliver each of our programmes. Our Design Associates are professionals working at the top of their field across public and private sector organisations including Virgin, Tesco, the NHS and Dyson. The varied and diverse backgrounds of this network mean we have access to top experts with exactly the right experience to address our clients’ specific challenges. 

If you would like information about our access to expertise in a specific field, contact us at or on 020 7420 5200.

Want to partner with us?

We have a number of ways where we work in partnership with charities, governments and corporations.  To find out more please get in touch.