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Climate and Sustainability - Senior Programme Manager

This position will be instrumental in developing the Design Council’s programmes to respond to the climate and nature crisis. We are seeking a passionate individual who wants to help mobilise and accelerate change towards net zero in a way that opens up space for further design-led innovation, and influences others to see design as a fundamental method for addressing the climate crisis.

We are anticipating opportunities both to take existing clients with us on this journey and reaching out to new partners to use design to support and address their particular challenges in relation to these crises. This position will be focused on refining existing offers and exploring new areas where Design Council can be more powerful by working collaboratively with others to leverage and accelerate the route towards an inclusive and equitable transition.

In particular it will concentrate on developing our placemaking response to the climate and nature crises. A strength of our programmes is combining design expertise from across the built environment with complementary design perspectives in relation to systemic design, social innovation and community-oriented initiatives.

What does a Climate and Sustainabilty - Senior Programme Manager do?

Increasingly, our programmes will be developed to demonstrate the potential of using design to effect change. Inherent across these projects is the capability to influence organisations and policy to open the market opportunities to Design for Planet.

Our managers are highly skilled professionals in their field, managing a number of demonstrator projects across our programme areas. They have a key role in generating new income and securing new clients, achieving our quality standards and contributing to Design Council’s reach and influence externally. They manage projects of varying scale, hold a number of important client relationships and are skilled at working collaboratively.

This role has been designated as a Senior Programme Manager because of the complex skills, experience and relationships required in order to be successful.

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  • Salary: £40,000-£45,000
  • Closing date: 28 August 2022