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Araceli Camargo

Areas of Expertise

She holds an MSc from King’s College in Cognitive Neuroscience with a specialisation in Autism. The expertise in Autism laid the groundwork for understanding how the environment plays a role in the biological dysregulation of the human system and how cities play a role in the health of people already experiencing health challenges.

This knowledge base has now broadened to include the study of “health in place”, which means understanding how the places we inhabit play a key role in our health. She helps steer the lab’s research into the stress response (HPA-Axis) which has led to the development of a software that provides metrics on the biological burden an area puts on a person or community.

This is done through collecting data on exposure to psychosocial and environmental stressors. Finally, her work intersects with climate justice as our health is dependent on the health of our habitats. This means restoring biodiversity and making cities symbiotic with nature.

Araceli Camargo