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Gareth Price

Areas of Expertise

As the former Forestry Authority England’s National Landscape Architect, he worked on the development of the national standards for woodland and forestry design, community forestry and forest design, training to deliver multi-functional objectives, which remain a mainstay of policy today. Later, as the Forestry Commission England’s lead for Urban Regeneration and Development, he was deeply involved with the evolution of policies for green infrastructure as an integral element of sustainable development.

Since 2010 he has operated as a consultant, specialising in sustainable long-term green space management and delivering multifunctional public benefits through woodland design. He is a member of the Forestry Commission’s East England Forestry and Woodland Advisory Group and a Development Partner with the Land Trust. He has also worked extensively with the Woodland Trust and is currently responsible for the design of over 600 hectares of new publicly accessible woodland.

Gareth Price