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Lamiaa Abouelala

Areas of Expertise

This justice is aimed at taking form and meaning through architecture and design. Various projects throughout my career have impacted my decision-making and ambition towards particular projects. Having worked on the Ningo Prampram city Masterplan (Ghana) during my part 1 experience with Maccreanor Lavington Architects, has lead me to taking on multiple other projects in Africa. I took design lead of a masterplan project (10 hectares) in Senegal for the currently existing Kalan Humanitarian school (client: foundation Kemi-Malaika) which also served as the basis of my Master thesis project.

The proposal for this masterplan directly addresses current socio-economic issues across Senegal. My experience with this project provides me with sufficient drive and ambition to go beyond what is simple but leap for how simple could fix complex situations. My experience at Adjaye Assiciates in Ghana; working on socially and environmentally driven projects like the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library has helped me gain further experience and insight to be able to feed other projects like the Kalan humanitarian school and future projects. I have recently been offered a masterplan project in Laayoune (Western Sahara) commissioned by the Moroccan government in the hopes of developing more schools, homes and medical centers for the Sahrawis with an infrastructure and design system that reflects the peoples lifestyles and culture. I intend to feed this project with all the experience I gained throughout Africa.

Lamiaa Abouelala