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Natalie Daniels

Areas of Expertise

Specialising in urban development and investment, with professional training in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Operating in 4 continents and over 15 countries, I have delivered major regeneration projects. I am currently overseeing a core portfolio of circa over £368 million capital to deliver 7,670 homes. My personal awards, scholarships, and recognition in global housing awards evidence my commitment to excellence. I am an experienced board member passionate about equity, fairness, and justice.

As a university lecturer in design, I am able to constructively offer strategic advice and analysis of schematics and design, and its impacts on diverse user groups. An experienced project sponsor and project client committed to high quality design process and output. Driving genuine community engagement whilst protecting scheme viability through expertise in project finance, investment and contract negotiation. Commercially focussed, with experience in local and regional government, private, charity and third sector organisations. Client-side experience includes land acquisition, building design, large scale masterplanning, design management, housing, regeneration, infrastructure, community amenity facilities, and public transport.

Natalie Daniels