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Priti Mohandas

Areas of Expertise

My doctoral research explores government led "Transitional Housing" programmes intended for informal settlement dwellers in South Africa, with a focus on gender, energy access and domestic space. Alongside my PhD, I am a network partner for the AHRC Filming Energy Research Network (FERN) in Cape Town and Mumbai. Before starting my PhD, I worked in professional architectural practice and design research at Mole Architects, Stanton Williams and Allies and Morrison in London and Cambridge, obtaining my RIBA Part I & II in Architecture and Urban Design.

I have been awarded the Jill Rickers prize for “Achievement in Architecture” (2015), the Water Trust Scholarship (2017) to pursue a Masters in “The Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resource” at The School of Art, and came third in my year at Cambridge with a Distinction for my MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design. Alongside this, I have worked in the NGO sector and taught and conducted research in Athens, Gujarat, Mumbai and Cape Town, exploring issues related to forced migration, urban informality, gender and energy access.

Priti Mohandas