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Jane Fowles

Her professional life revolves around the creation of successful, well related outside space where opportunities for social interaction and wellbeing benefits can be brought to local people. Being alive to the city context generates quality and value in the public realm and is key to successful developments.

Jane’s project experience includes landscape design and implementation, historic research and environmental assessment. Past projects encompass new residential districts; schools and university campuses; public realm within historic environments; restoration of woodland and riverine sites; as well as landscape, townscape and visual assessment for planning appraisals and AONB evaluation.

Jane has been visiting urban design tutor at the School of Architecture at the University of Wales, and given lectures on green infrastructure, planting design and the development of shared space. She has given talks on the value of using landscape to understand urban identity, and the potential for urban regeneration in Ulaanbaatur Mongolia. She is a Member of the Urban Design Group, Academician at the Academy of Urbanism, Co-chair of Design West based in Bristol for WECA.

Jane Fowles