Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) figures published today reveal employment within the UK’s creative industries is increasing at more than twice the rate of the wider UK economy. Exports from the sector are also up as the creative industries once again demonstrate what a powerful driver of growth they are for the UK economy.

The statistics analyse the number of jobs in the creative industries by geographical region, level of qualification, gender, and ethnicity.

Jobs within the creative industries increased by 5.5 per cent compared to the national 2.1 per cent rise in employment between 2013 and 2014. Jobs in the sector now number 1.8 million, representing an increase of 15.8 per cent (247,000 jobs) since 2011. Employment in this area is increasing at twice the rate of the wider economy. Design jobs within the Creative Economy are now at 203,000, with nearly 70,000 people working in design jobs beyond the Creative Industries.

Today’s results have confirmed what we in the industry know: that the creative industries are a crucial part of the UK’s economy.

John Mathers, Chief Executive, Design Council

John Mathers, Design Council Chief Executive, said: “Design is a vital ingredient for any business wanting to make more of their exports. Today’s results have confirmed what we in the industry know: that the creative industries are a crucial part of the UK’s economy and, with the right educational, training and financial investment, will continue to flourish. Britain should be immensely proud of its creative industries. We’re here to champion that fact and help businesses harness the power of design. It’s an exciting time to be in our field.”

The value of services exported by the UK’s creative industries in 2013 is £17.9bn, a rise of 3.5 per cent on the previous year. Exports from the creative industries have increased by around £4.5bn between 2009 and 2013, outperforming the rest of the UK economy by almost 15 per cent.

Design exports have grown year-on-year from 2009 to 2013. Export of design services is now worth £204m, compared to £116m in 2009 – a rise of £88m over four years. Design exports services mostly to Europe (£133m), followed by America (£30m) and Asia (£29m).

Mathers explained further: “Design is commonly used to boost growth in businesses in the wider economy beyond the creative industries. However, a substantial amount of design’s contribution is not being accounted for when estimating the value of design. The figures released today only cover exports of services, not goods - this has led to design’s contribution to UK plc being undervalued. Our new research into the economic value of design, which will be published in the autumn, will unearth these numbers and show the true value design adds to the economy.”


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