Why it matters

  • Office for National Statistics (2015)

    Percentage of deaths in England and Wales, in 2013, that were preventable. Lifestyle-related cancers and cardiovascular diseases accounted for the largest proportion. *
  • Journal of Epimediol Community Health (2007)

    Percentage of long-term health conditions, such as coronary heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and dementia, caused by physical inactivity. *
  • Perspectives on Psychological Science (2015)

    Percentage by which social isolation, including having few social ties, infrequent social contact and living alone, increases a person’s risk of dying early. *
  • Department of Health (2009)

    Average amount in pounds that physical inactivity costs the UK economy every year. The annual bill to the NHS for treating the health consequences of inactivity comes in at £900m per year. *


We work with national and local government, developers, designers and communities to put health and wellbeing at the heart of change in the physical environment.

Using evidence and local data, we help our clients tackle preventable diseases and health inequality by building health into existing places and new developments.  This means shaping buildings, streets, public spaces and neighbourhoods so that healthy activities are integral to people’s everyday lives – not an add-on.  

Our expertise comes from an multi-disciplinary in-house team and a network of 250 industry experts including leading public health and place-making specialists - all primed to support, advise and inform.  We offer:

  • Leadership support to bring together health, town planning and design objectives to identify priorities for action.
  • Training on creating healthy, active places - to empower decision-makers, professionals and communities.
  • Project support to embed health and wellbeing in buildings, spaces and neighbourhoods - existing and proposed.




10 great examples of active design Inspiring design programmes that promote active living across 10 cities worldwide. Inspiring design programmes that promote active living across 10 cities worldwide.

Feature — 24/03/2014