Design can help you to evaluate opportunities, diagnose problems and find creative solutions for your business challenges.

Over the years we have helped thousands of UK organisations, across a wide range of sectors and sizes, to unlock innovation, deliver growth and navigate change.

Our experts work with you to develop and deliver tangible, user-centred programmes that embed design capabilities within your team along the way.

What we offer

Our design support programmes use design thinking, methods and processes to improve products, services and business strategy: whether you’re looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your supply chain; need advice on the best way to bring a product to market, or want to test ideas to enhance an existing service.

Drawing on the visual and collaborative ways of working within the design process, we teach you the design tools and skills to help you develop innovative approaches; learn how to rapidly test ideas and manage risk, and to shape compelling propositions with market focus.

All Design Council support programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Depending on the requirements of the programme, activity might include:

  • Full day workshops and masterclasses
  • Hands-on coaching to implement a project over time
  • Intensive coaching programmes for project teams
  • Skills training in design methods and processes
  • Mentoring to maintain focus and deliver outcomes

Our pricing varies depending on the scope and duration of the support you require. Get in touch for an initial no-cost discussion about your needs. 

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What we deliver

Our design training delivers tangible financial results, increases productivity and supports innovation. Highlights from our decades of experience include:

  • Supporting over 5,000 SMEs across the UK to realise a £4 increase in net operating profit for every £1 invested in design
  • Helping more than 30 major universities – including Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Imperial College London and Bristol – to capitalise on their research base and take projects to market.

Further benefits of our programmes include:

  • Design skills are embedded within the team, supporting future in-house innovation
  • Supports culture change to become more agile and inclusive
  • Projects and processes are aligned with the needs of users
  • Performance improvements come from uncovering user insights
  • Risk is limited by testing and prototyping, before major expenditure
  • Bottom line enhanced by uncovering new business models and efficiency savings.

The key thing for me was the way we were able to engage patients during the live process. Once we started doing the prototyping, we got so much feedback. It was completely different from the questionnaire process.

Dr Helen Taylor, Chief Pharmacist, Whittington Hospital

Our experts

Each programme is delivered by highly experienced, independent design management specialists. Our Design Associates are professionals working at the top of their field across public and private sector organisations including Virgin, Tesco, the NHS and Dyson. The varied and diverse backgrounds of this network means we have access to top experts with exactly the right experience to address our clients’ specific challenges.

The profiles of a selection of our Design Associates are below. If you would like information about our access to expertise in a specific field, contact us at innovation@designcouncil.org.uk or on 020 7420 5200.

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