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We are in the process of recruiting our new network of Design Council Experts as current contracts will come to an end on 1 April 2024. Stay tuned for the new cohort announcement in June 2024.

Our Experts are design pioneers who work with us to advocate for design, share knowledge about best practice and help us deliver advice and programmes.

We are using this process as an opportunity to reduce the number of experts to ensure we can meaningfully engage with the new cohort and to increase the regional and demographic diversity, as well as representing a full spectrum of design disciplines.

To tackle the climate crisis we have to redesign nearly everything about the way we live our lives and that means every designer working towards a regenerative future. We are looking for the best voices from every area of design to push forward the Design for Planet mission.

Our Design Council Experts Code of Conduct

This document sets out the Code of Conduct for the Design Council Experts supporting the Design Council. It covers how they relate to the rest of the Design Council Expert Network, the Design Council and its Programmes Leads.

The aim of this document is to outline some shared terms of reference to help ensure quality and consistency across Design Council projects and programmes and make sure they know their responsibilities when acting on behalf of the Design Council and its programme.

Read the Code