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Design Academy

Do you want a better return for your organisation, be more effective, higher satisfaction?

Design Academy can help.

During our Designing Demand project businesses found that for every £1 they spent on design, they saw a £20 increase in revenue. Design Academy can help your colleagues solve professional challenges through the proven technique of design thinking.

Each Design Academy is tailor made to the needs of your organisation, as we know solutions are not a one-size-fits-all. Our network of diverse, cross-disciplinary experts use our world-famous design tools to increase an understanding of how design can be used to solve your organisation's challenges.

The academies are highly interactive; using a mixture of in-person interactive workshops taught by our experts and also a virtual learning environment that supplements these workshops, linking design theory with the real-life application.

With the Design Academy, participants will:

  • Increase their understanding of the value and importance of good design and how they can use and support it in their professional roles
  • Learn to think and work differently, including how to work better in harmony and use sustainable approaches
  • Be able to better use Design for Planet thinking to address the uncertainties of climate change
  • Help improve stakeholder relationships and develop a deeper understanding of audience needs

Discover our Design Academy for Network Rail

In 2022 we created a custom academy for Network Rail. As a result 92% of participants said that the course gave them the confidence to promote good design in their organisation.

Watch the film to see what the participants had to say and how it helped them develop.