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Eloise Smith-Foster

Service, Experience & UX DesignSpeculative Design, Futures DesignStrategic Design, Design Innovation

Eloise is a Sheffield-based Freelance Futurist, Service and Strategic Designer, and Climate Justice Activist who cares deeply about building more just and regenerative services, organizations, and futures. In 2022, she co-founded the international collective Design Activists for Regenerative Futures (DARF) to bring creatives together to experiment with and pioneer Planet-centered Design approaches.


Over the past 10+ years, Eloise has held roles within academia and acclaimed design agencies: as Lead Service Designer at Futurice and Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University; prior to that, as Service Designer at Hellon and Board Member and Chapter Manager at the Service Design Network. In these roles, she's led the research, co-design, and implementation of impactful service innovations and strategies for purposeful organizations such as the Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Arriva Rail, XR, B Lab, Yara, and the NHS. The outcomes of her work have won several international awards for innovation, Sustainability Service, and Speculative Design from Core77, Fast Company, and SDN.


With a Master of European Design (MEDes) from the Glasgow School of Art, Aalto University, and KISD University, Eloise draws on interdisciplinary design methodologies from across Europe. Her approach combines Human-centered Design with Design Justice Principles, Sustainability Futures, and Systems Thinking.

Eloise Smith-Foster