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Frances Fernandes

Frances Fernandes, is an Examining Inspector for the Planning Inspectorate, reporting to the Secretary of State with recommendations on applications for nationally significant infrastructure projects.

Her project portfolio includes Charing Panels of Examining Inspectors examining applications for ne nuclear power including Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station, which would be capable of generating 3,260MW, powering some 5 million homes; offshore windfarms including a 700MW wind farm, 10 miles off the coast of Brighton and the development of two wind farm arrays in the North Sea, which would have an installed capacity 1,200MW; major road schemes and energy interconnector projects.

Previously, Frances worked for Oxfam campaigning for the right to education for girls and women in developing countries. Before that, Frances campaigned for a sustainable aviation strategy working with the communities and local authorities around Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports.

Frances Fernandes