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Graeme Heyes

Strategic Design, Design InnovationProduct, Industrial & Packaging Design

Dr. Graeme Heyes is the Director of Sustainable Innovation at Litmus Sustainability and the Founder of the Manchester Doughnut Economics community. He has over 15 years of expertise in helping organizations understand their sustainability challenges and think creatively about thriving in a low-carbon economy. His career is built on a portfolio of work with a diverse range of over 300 clients from the European Commission to major international clients, SMEs, and local community groups.


Formerly a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Sustainability and Systems Design, Graeme's multi-award-winning work includes the 2023 European SDG Initiative of the Year and the UK Net-Zero Business Collaboration of the Year 2023, and his sustainability training has been recognized by the UK Government as the "Gold Standard in Green Skills Training." His experience spans circular economy, eco-design, Doughnut Economics, Carbon Literacy, environmental management, carbon accounting, business model innovation, and strategic innovation. Graeme is deeply passionate about sustainability and sustainable practice and has written and spoken widely on these themes through a range of talks, lectures, keynotes, and writings.

Graeme Heyes