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Greg Keeffe

Architecture & Built EnvironmentDesign Academic, EducatorUrban Design, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure

Greg Keeffe is an internationally renowned urban designer. His expertise is in urban resilience, particularly climate-proof cities, net-zero neighborhoods, and urban agriculture. Through the EU-funded CityZEN project, Greg developed future-focused methodologies for carbon transition through stakeholder participation and, from this, created a range of urban design strategies for neighborhoods in cities such as Amsterdam, Sevilla, Tokyo, and Sydney, and in smaller towns like Preston and Roselare. Recently, he has worked with supermarket retailers and chicken farmers to develop innovative solutions to reduce the impact of food production.


Greg is a Professor of Architecture + Urbanism at Queen's University Belfast. He works closely with stakeholders to develop exciting ways of re-invigorating the city through the application of innovative sustainable technologies. This informs his work on the sustainable city as a synergistic super-organism. Greg was the designer of the Biospheric Project, the UK’s first building integrated aquaponic urban farm, for which he received a Green Genius Award.


Greg is a Visiting Professor at Cornell University and has also worked at TU Delft, Keio University, ORT Uruguay, and the University of Nicosia. Greg has research projects on Nature-based solutions for cities (UPSURGE Horizon Europe) and has been awarded a Green Transition Ecosystem grant (Future Island AHRC) to work with designers in practice to enable a sustainable transition.

Greg Keeffe