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Gurmit Shakhon

Digital & AIService, Experience & UX Design

Gurmit Singh Shakhon is the CEO and Founder of Bros&Co, a practitioner-led design organization dedicated to driving sustainable and customer-centric innovations. As an Honorary Fellow at Brunel University and a distinguished Global Design Leader, Gurmit has shaped the strategic direction of numerous Fortune 100 companies. His pioneering initiative, the Carbon Method, empowers businesses to quantify their carbon impact during the design stages, fostering environmentally responsible decisions.


With a career marked by global influence, Gurmit has traveled extensively, helping organizations worldwide adopt customer and planet-centric approaches. His insights have resonated on prestigious platforms including TED, where he has shared the transformative power of design in balancing business, people, and the planet.


Gurmit's affiliations extend to esteemed institutions like Brunel and Cambridge University, as well as design communities across the UK, Europe, India, and Australia. He is a vocal advocate for the critical role designers and engineers play in bridging the gap between our current world and a sustainable future. Gurmit believes that the next decade presents a crucial opportunity for designers to embrace the net-zero challenge, positively impacting organizational priorities and addressing humanitarian responsibilities. For Gurmit, good design transcends aesthetics and function, creating products and services that benefit everyone, going beyond the user.

Gurmit Shakhon