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Hannes Hulstaert

Speculative Design, Futures DesignArchitecture & Built EnvironmentStrategic Design, Design Innovation

With a background in architectural science, Hannes Hulstaert has expanded his creative career with speculative design, audiovisual art, research, woodwork machining, and electronics. He also has extensive experience in sustainability research and resource/waste management for the food industry. His works and theoretical writings have earned him the Henry van de Velde Prize in 2015 and multiple publications for his unconventional approach towards social, cultural, and technological analysis of urban architecture.


Hannes is the co-founder and MacGyver of Post Carbon Lab, where he contributes to scientific research and implementation of microbial-based pigment for the textile and polymer industry at scale. His fascination for the disassembly of equipment and hacking, reconstructing, and tweaking with scavenged materials and E-waste have equipped him with the capacity of mechanical adaptation and improvisation for innovative technology.

Hannes Hulstaert